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The Apex of BI

DATA Visualization Increased efficiency and ROI are the ultimate goals of every business infrastructure.
A Strategic Data Intelligence platform puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, which gives managers and executives a much broader perspective that can reduce waste and result in more effective business decisions.
Visualizing data from different sources at one place is a challenge; but not anymore.

B-view is a Data Visualization and Analytic Platform that will help your organization to convert raw data into insights in form of interactive Dashboards and Analytical Reports, from different data sources.

Data Sources Access

  • Unstructured Database Like Hadoop, Cloudera, etc
  • Structured Database Like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Flat file, MSAccess, Excel File, etc
  • Data APIs like Twitter, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

Interactive & Easy to use

Interactive and Easy to use

  • Simple drag and drop and easy installation (no need to get into technical stuff)
  • Create interactive charts and dashboards in seconds; which makes it easy even for a non-technical guy.
  • B-view provides ad-hoc analysis on high volume of data. This interactive visual analytics experience uncovers patterns and relationships in data quickly and easily.


  • Control over your data even after connecting to different data sources.
  • No need to give away your data to any source.
  • Your data will be kept firmly secure, guarded and reliably within your control.
Persuasive Visualization
  • With multiple visualizations, B-view shares the data story with the viewer very competently.
  • an create all kinds of visualizations, from the most simple charts that adhere to flat design principles, to complex dashboards and graphs that are heavily styled.
  • B-view does not need the data source to be specific.
  • B-view gives you the results and your data in a real time frame.
  • Can connect with a number of sources to provide efficient visualization.
  • Can combine data from different sources for creation of a single dashboard.
  • Provides an on premise deployment as a software appliance.
  • 24X7 help platform.
  • All components share a single unified logical layer of metadata and consistent end user experience.
Prompt and Polished Visualization
  • B-view minimizes noise, complexity, and unnecessary data or detail and provides relevant, timely and complete data to each audience member in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Can improve speed of discovery by plotting charts instantly, searching while you type and auto-suggesting proper visualization types based on data combinations.

Add-on Features

  • Browser based data visualization tool
  • Empowering business users perform Adhoc reporting and analysis on their own
  • Simplicity and Ease of Information Accessibility
  • Collaborate and Take Action Real Time
  • Quick identification of trends & deviations across business functions